Why To Reconsider An E-cigg That Lights Up

    The cheaper electronic cigarettes out there will light up at the end to look like a “real cigarette” OMG how coool it makes my adult ADD go all- Hoo Ha! Look at me!—

      I assumed too that when I started to use an electronic cigarette it was going to look like a cigarette, feel like it and light up at the end. What I’m using now well, looks absolutely nothing at all like a cigarette in any shape or form but it’s one of the best PVs I’ve ever used hands down thus far.

      One major factor of why I advise against choosing an e-cigg that mimics the real thing, lights up red, it’s just no good in public. If you’re getting the urge to vape when you’re at the store you are going to get the bad, unwanted attention you’ll want to avoid after a while of vaping. People will think you’re actually smoking. I’ve vaped my eGo plenty of places, even my box mod too. Typically I now stealth vape so nobody is the wiser but most people didn’t bat an eye. I also didn’t act like a attention seeking teenager either ( Okay I’ll admit at first I did A LITTLE but that wore off) and these days I just want to be left in peace to vape. If a smoker curiously comes up to I’m still more then happy to give them a little song and dance about how much more wonderful I feel.

    If it lights up it’s probably just garbage. Okay maybe they’re not all garbage but their battery life likely wouldn’t last me an hour the way I vape. Do you want quality or looks? Right now you’re going to pick one and sacrifice the other. I personally think an eGo/Riva/fatt batt sort can look really nice. It just won’t look quite like a cigarette. For someone who is a smoker right now I can see how you might have your heart set on something that looks like the real thing. I’ll let you in on a secret though if you haven’t figured it out yet by reading my blogs, “The more it looks like a cigarette, the worse it will perform” Fatt batt- 7-9 hours, looks like a cigg- 3 hours, tops if you use it lightly.

    An automatic e-cigg that looks like a cigarette as a general rule tend to break easier. Automatic= Just inhale and it goes off. Manual=Click a button to take a drag. You can’t really drip with an automatic. For more information on dripping see this blog where I explain it —> http://vapevixen.tumblr.com/post/15739085341.  At least direct dripping onto your atty(atomizer) on an automatic e-cigg is a big faux-pas, no no, don’t even think about it unless you want to break it. A lot of the time you also end up buying pre-filled cartridges. Cartridges are the devil by the way in my humble opinion. The drags suck, the juice gets in your mouth, never again. Give me my drip tip or give me death!

    Cut off times are not fun and with an automatic, cigarette looking e-cigg, that lights up. You’ll have to deal with a cut off. Worse is when the battery refuses to start up after you take a drag for 30 seconds or whatever and you’re chain-vaping. At least with an eGo and the like, while there may be a cut off once you reach it you can just click the button again and keep on dragging. You have more control with a manual electronic cigarette. There is also no worry about flooding juice on it(within reason you can’t drop a battery into a tub juice now and think it’s gonna work) at least in the sense a manual battery is protected from leaks.

   To sum it all up if you want the kind of e-cigg that will give you the fighting chance to get away from cigarettes try to stay away things that look like a real cigarette. It’s less headaches in public situations, they last longer, they’re stronger the list goes on and on and on…. However if there is nothing I can say and you think I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about even though I use to smoke a pack and a half a day and completely switched to vaping in 2 days using an eGo and researched the hell out of this topic before putting any of the little money I have down*ahhh take a breath holy run on sentence* .. Then you can check out vapor4life.com/ v4l.com (same thing, same company) One of the few vendors I give an exception to when it comes to layout of their site and the size and shape of their e-ciggs. They are veteran approved from my research.