Your Starter Kit Essentials & Start Up Tips

Simple on the top, more complex on the bottom.

  1. NO starter kit should EVER cost you over 75$. None. No.(Update 12/14/12- New Technology, like ego spinners/twists which are variable wattage devices are a bit more expensive. Starter ego twist kits can reach close to 80$. Be sure to check your vendor that they are legitimate when any starter kit seems unreasonably expensive. Check them on ECF, link in upper left corner)
  2. The ONLY exceptions is top of the line Variable Volt gear which you shouldn’t buy yet. I’m talking about Darwin, Provari’s, and yes even Lavatube, VAMO, style( More “Volvo” while the first two mentioned are like the “Rolls Royce” of VV) It’s much more expensive and complex plus if you don’t know anything about vaping yet can be completely overwhelming. Just the old saying “You gotta learn to crawl before you can walk” sums the issue up.
  3. Watch out for scam sites. ANY site claiming “We’ll give you our cheap ass device for FREE you just pay 49.95 for cartridges per month!! What a deal!!” Is a con artist, shyster, crook, ect ect. Don’t fall for it. 

With those necessary points out of the way, here is what you need for a starter kit. 

  • Ze Starter Kit- Most should come with 2 atomizers, 2 batteries, maybe cartridges, and of course the charger.
  • 2 packs of Cartomizers
  • at least 4-6, 6 ml samples of juice
  • a drip tip
  • You must be 18 years or old to order. 


I get that in the beginning it can be very overwhelming. There will be learning curves but that’s okay and if you enjoy the feeling of vaping they will pass much sooner then you think.  Within a couple months you may even feel like a vaping aficionado. 

There are many places for starter kits, from personal experience I think starting with an eGo type kit/battery  is a great place to be and they are easily found on ,,, and many others. For lighter smokers trying to switch to vaping as a smoking alternative while I have not personally bought from them I have heard great things about from quite a few veterans.  They also have a little over 2 month warranty and have been said to have top notch customer service.

Why a drip tip? What is that??


^These are drip tips.^ Random picture I found via Google. Tons and tons of pretty drip tips. They tend to be cheap, under or around 3 dollars and just make vaping so much more pleasurable. A regular cartridge will be harder to “pull” or vape from. A drip tip solves that issue. Being attached to your atomizer for dripping or cartomizer as a mouth piece. 

Quick Tip: Your starter kit batteries will have a connection/threading size, example some are 510 like an eGo or Riva. Make sure your drip tip is the same connection size. 

What’s a cartomizer? A cartomizer or carto is an atomizer(heating element) and cartridge combined. In the beginning they can be hard to get the hang of but after vaping a while it’s easy.   I would say try to go with Boge brand cartos. For duel coil SmokeTech does make some good ones. There are tons of ways to fill them. A typical Boge single carto will hold about 20-30 drops of juice on the first filling. When it starts to taste off, add more drops until the cartomizer filling looks nicely saturated. Not soaked though, but a happy medium. You never want your cartos to burn as much as you don’t want them over-filled. A taken care of carto, filled when it should be, typically lasts a week to over a week. Never drip juice directly into the center of a cartomizer. 

Quick Tip: Don’t rush to commit a flavor into a cartomizer. Drip your flavors first. If you like them, THEN put them into a cartomizer. Once you have a flavor in there more often then not you’re gonna have a hard time getting it out. 

WTF is dripping?? As simple as I can explain it… You attach your atomizer to your battery. You drip about 4-5 drops of juice(brand new atomizer, never used, blown out first*) after vaping and the taste changes, then add about 2-3 drops.This is why picking manual batteries are important. If you want to drip, dripping can kill automatic batteries because they simply aren’t protected. You should be able to get about 4-6 puffs. When the flavor starts to turn add 2-3 drops. Try your best not to let your atomizer burn. Once it burns sometimes the taste can stick for a very long time.  Chances are you will flood your atomizer more times then you can count before you get the hang of it. Remember, learning curve. Its okay. Just have napkins/papertowel handy. Don’t forget to attach your drip tip onto the atomizer before you take a puff! Also, you can just drip though your drip tip hence the name :o) No need to take it on and off. 

*On a brand new atomizer you MUST blow it out very well before using. They are lubricated and you don’t want to vape the lubrication! It hasn’t caused people harm as far as I know from doing so, it just tastes nasty.

Da Juice— Juice can be the most difficult part. My advice would be buy 3 small sample sizes from two different vendors. Some vendors will make you go “Yay! Awesome” others will make you sad… “Why no flavor?”  I would suggest trying different nicotine levels to see what you need. A pack a day smoker may need 24mg or 18mg starting off. Most find it easy to lower their mg as time goes on. I typically use about 10/11 mg nicotine juice and started off at 24mg. There is also VG/PG levels. As a general rule: VG= more vapor, less flavor, less throat hit. PG=Less vapor, more flavor, more throat hit. See how these can be great mixed? They help balance each-other. I personally like 20-30% VG and the rest PG. Everyone is a little different. Some people may not like PG at all. Some folks may need vegan/organic. It does exist, is top of the line organic juice.   For a lot more info on juice, reviews, verified vendors, please visit the e-cigg forum link below. Some juices will be more expensive then others. If a vendor is charging 1$ per ml be careful. Ex. 10ml bottle for 10$ should be a red flag. Some vendors do have merit to charge that much but quite a few charging that much are trying to scam you. You should be able to easily find reviews on “expensive” juice because if they are good and worth the price it likely has a cult following. Use the link below to search for juice reviews. 

VG- Vegetable Glycerin

PG- Propylene Glycol

Quick Tip- Just because you smoked cigarettes doesn’t mean you need a tobacco flavored juice. Sure get them if you must but try to stay open minded. You may find you really enjoy other flavors than tobacco. Its very common after a while people don’t use tobacco flavors at all.  

My personal favorites:

 Budget friendly yummy juice(some are hit & miss, fruit/drink/sweet flavors I’ve had the most luck with) and awesome cartomizer deals—>

High quality reasonably priced juice. My #1 Go-To vendor. Don’t be so fast to judge the site, great people behind it. —->

YOU MUST BE 18+ TO ORDER— This is all about a smoking alternative for adults. My only regret as a teenager was the fact I ever picked up a cigarette at all. Seriously. For teens you’re in an awesome place to just stop while you’re ahead and not have to worry about any of this in the future.


So that’s about all I have to help you get going on your PV journey! 

As always if you have more questions, feel free to ask me.

If you want to do more research please visit :

Great community full of knowledge!