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A Late Review Of The Vamo 2~ In Short- Enjoyable.


  I’ll start off by saying I’ve had a Vamo 2 quite a while now. Close to a year to be more precise. I say this since some people get new gear and within a week they are reviewing it. Now granted I would have liked to make this review a little sooner, but I felt that when it comes to advanced gear how they handle the test of time is one of the biggest critiques beyond simply performance.

 In short it’s been great. It performs remarkably well for its affordable price when considering so called “better” contenders on the market.  It’s also stood up very well to wear and tear. All of my Vamo 2s have been dropped and still work.


Batteries: Single 18350 or single 18650 IMR

Operates in volts and watts

3 button operating system. One button to up the voltage, one button to down the voltage(or wattage)

Built in Ohm/Multimeter

Easy to operate

Safety Tip: Never, absolutely never stack batteries. Vamos in general may have the capability to be stacked( ex. using two 18350) however, it’s just unsafe to do. Even more to compound this is that Vamos use IMR chemistry which means in lamest terms, unprotected. Just because your Vamo might have over-circuit protection does not mean it can stop an unstable battery from malfunctioning and malfunctions is what you absolutely want to prevent. Please don’t stack. It’s not worth the risk.

Getting Deeper….

I have a family of three Vamo 2s. I bought two for back-up. That should really sum up how much I like and trust this PV. I purchased my first Vamo 2(yes there are slight differences between Vamo, Vamo2, Vamo3, etc, most are considered upgrades of its former) around January 2013.  This was the very first roll out edition of Vamo 2. My newer or backup Vamo 2s do have slight differences/upgrades. It’s always a gamble when you buy the very first product off the production line. I’m going to go through as much of the differences as I’ve come across with the very first Vamo 2 to the more recently available Vamo 2s. I bought my back-up Vamos about 2 or so months ago/around September 2013.

Then- Super bright LED screen

Now- The LED screen has been toned down(likley battery life saving decision) and is now more improved, clearer to the eye.

Then-  The middle post(pin)/connection would slooowly go down into the APV itself. Insulator ring insufficient. Sometimes tanks would work, other times not so much.

Now- Improved white colored insulator ring was found in both of my new Vamo 2s. Much better, have not noticed pin issues. Sometimes tanks sit a little off balance on PV but still works without issue.

Then- Wrong bottom battery coil. It heated up and was a cause for concern. I fixed this by buying a Provari spring from Provape.

Now- Corrected coil, no longer has heating issues.

Not huge differences, but very good performance differences.

Essentially performance wise between the first edition Vamo2 and the latest Vamo 2 I’ve been using the last couple months the only difference I can really tell is that the newer Vamo 2 editions are much less finicky with atomizers, tanks, cartomizers and so on. Mostly I use my Vamo in the voltage setting, I notice little to no difference using wattage. In a nutshell it’s a power-house. The Vamo is just a monster. It gives such an intense, strong vape and that’s maybe at 4.3 volts with a 2.8 Ohm head.  From other PVs I have tried, different tube mods, box mods, I can say with some experience here that the Vamo delivers a bigger punch. That’s what I love so much about the Vamo and why I have my back-ups because I like the Vamo 2. I’m not a huge fan that the Vamo 3 now has a cut-off to the device. I really hope the Vamo 2 will be available in the future.

Now I can’t really get too much into battery life because this strongly depends on how you treat your batteries, what voltage you take them out at, how old the pair is, what brand it is. There’s too many variables for me to say something like “The Vamo has great battery life”  You have great battery life if you treat your batteries well.

Longevity wise, the Vamo 2 has just blown my expectations. It’s a heavy, apparently well built mod because the poor thing has taken a lot of abuse. I can’t count how many times I started to do that cringe “Nooooo, not my baby!” face as it falls to the floor or desk to pick it up and as if a guardian vaping angel is around me my PV magically works flawlessly. I can’t say enough good things about how tough it seems to be built. Almost a year and the first Vamo 2 is still going strong. I’ve also dropped my back-ups and they’re fine as far as I can tell. Durability is the most important aspect to me these days. I love that I’m saving a lot of money being a 2 year veteran of vaping now, I know what I like and need. I don’t want to have to buy a new mod or PV every 6 months. The Vamo 2 gives me that type of stability I crave in a device.

On Left/Blue Tank-  Device with 1 18350 battery(older Vamo 2)

On Right/Purple Tank- Device with 1 18650 battery(the noob)


If You’ve Been Vaping A While Now, Why Are You Not A Member Of CASAA?

     It’s legislation galore lately. A couple or so months back I myself was fighting in my own state capitol and had to wait over 10 hours to speak on the proposed bill that would treat vaping/electronic cigarettes the exact same as smoking. The thing is, how did I even know in the first place there was such a perverted proposed bill to be on the floor of my legislature? CASAA. Consumer Advocates For Smoke-free Alternatives Association had my back, they have yours, and they will alert you when a damaging bill may be coming to a state near you.

      There’s ignorance, and it’s easy for the name to fool people who have never smoked or people who know nothing about it that “It’s just as bad as smoking”. The problem with much of the current legislature being suggested is it’s being done so out of ignorance, nanny groups, insurance companies, “cancer” charities paid off by Big Pharma to try to harm an industry taking just a little bit of money out of their hands. They could care less that the technology is helping people live better lives. It’s disturbing how true it is that it’s "all about the benjamins" I myself heard outright lies on the legislation floor about the technology by legislators who simply didn’t understand what it was they were talking about.

     It’s critical that everyday people who use electronic cigarettes, or even those who have seen friends, family use them with success and it has improved their own lives(not being around the smell, no 2nd hand smoke, ect) inform legislators of positive experiences and facts on the technology. Your actual representatives will listen to you, should you arrive in greater numbers for the cause. The hard part is if all legislators, ONLY hear from the sides lobbying against electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

     If you yourself, ever end up at your house legislature well for any reason, be respectful. Find out the basic rules for your state. My state for example had a 3 minute limit per person to speak. This is about a page long of argument. If you were to join CASAA, vape, and find out a harmful bill against electronic cigarette technology is coming to your town here are a few tips:

     1. Your legislator most likley, honestly really doesn’t know much of anything factual about electronic cigarettes. At least today, as I write this entry the technology is still not very mainstream. Keep that in mind, keep it simple, and educational for them to understand what it really is they are legislating on.

     2. Share your personal story. How did it help you? How did this technology improve your life? 

     3. If you would like, and it would be beneficial depending upon the circumstances of the bill being proposed include a possible study into your testimony. For example, states may require you pass in a written testimony and speak on it later. You may have a page in which you will speak, and attach a study, chart, that shows evidence such as “This technology is not the same thing as cigarettes” Legislators may ask you about your inclusion so if you like the idea of this, be well versed or at least knowledgeable about the specifics of the study to answer questions.

     4. Dress in attire that says “I care about why I’m here, this matters to me” and act in the same fashion. Be respectful. I like to think looks don’t matter. At your state legislature house what I think doesn’t matter, my enjoyment of being out of the box is a mute point. What they think and their first impression of you does matter.

    Moral of the story, in my state for the most recent proposed bill we fought,  we won. The bill died in the house as no one voted for it. There was only two parties who attended to support the bill and about 15 people who opposed the bill by the time we got to speak. Since few people take the time and effort to actually attend legislation, believe it or not your presence does matter and makes an impact.

     If you’re not already on CASAA’s mailing list for these crucial kinds of updates, now is the time. It’s up to you to protect your right to vape.


Latest Legislation Updates: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/legislation-news/

Mini Vivi Nova Vision Tanks-Phenomenal


                 Mini Vivi Nova Vision Tanks Hands Down, Excellent

Update: 11/11/13- I felt it important to make a note for people interested that this review applies to the MINI Vivi Nova Version. The regular or 3.5 ml Vivi Nova is/should damn well be by this point— a different review.  However, mini or regular the heads are interchangeable on a Vivi Nova tank for either size.



        Here’s a little background story and how it started. First came cartomizers, and dripping and dripping got annoying so I moved up to cleromizers. Then I got two bad packs of cleromizers that sent me into an angry frenzy. I still like cleromizers but I needed something more reliable. I preferred cleromizers over cartomizers any day of the week so after much research I got a MINI Vivi Nova Vision Tank and it’s been bliss. I even dropped my PV out shopping onto concrete with the Vivi on it and after a little finagling it worked! I was scared for a moment but the tank pulled through without a crack. Your mileage may vary. Try your best not to drop your vape gear…ever if it can possibly be avoided. Lithium batteries are sensitive and need to be handled with tender loving care. Oh and I got lucky my tank didn’t die from that fall! Plastic can crack from that kind of impact.

Disclaimer: I have a theory. My theory is if you hate cleromizers there’s a chance you might not like a Vivi Nova Vision Tank. As you will see, it’s basically a big cleromizer. If you loooooove cartomizers way more than a clero; a Carto Tank may be more up your alley.

        Whatcha Get:

  Typically, it will be put together when it comes. You get 3 Ohm heads, normally of different readings 1.8, 2.4, and 2.8 with the kit. These atomizer heads have a plastic washer on top. It is important, do not lose it. Some people often find trimming the threads on the atomizer just a little help with the overall experience. They do come a bit long.

1.The bottom that screws onto the tank capsule and your battery/device

2.The tank capsule itself.

3.The top part/mouthpiece that screws onto the tank capsule as well.

Everything just screws together which makes the Vivi an easy to use device.




It might be hard to see, but that is where you see the Ohm rating for the atomizer, actually ON the atomizer. That was the only thing I was confused about when I first got the Nova. Also in this picture you see the washer on top of the atomizer I was referring to before. It’s important, it helps keep out unneeded juice.

What I love:

Simplicity- This thing is so easy to use. Easy to fill, easy to clean, easy to put together,  easy everything.

Replaceable- Replaceable heads! The atomizer heads shouldn’t ever cost 3$ so the Nova is friendly on the wallet too. Some people even go as far as replacing their own thread and inner coils of their atomizer heads. Talk about penny pinching! (but still awesome)

Price- The price is really hard to beat. Most Nova Vision kits are about 15$ at most for Mini or Regular 3.5ml size. This includes extra heads that come with the kit.

Taste- I love cleromizers. I think these deliver better than a typical clearo even but the same kind of delivery. If you like cleromizers and you know what I’m talking about well that’s what the Nova is about! Smooth flavors all the time! No carto taste.

Less Filling- Great, no the best for driving. Okay maybe not the best, there’s a lot of stuff out there. This delivery system is one excellent route to safe vaping while driving. No dripping, no adding juice. Once it’s filled it should be good to go for at least an hour of driving if not a bit more. Even longer with bigger versions as long as your battery keeps up! I easily get 2 hours if I want before I have to refill in general, but I like to keep it filled at least half way most of the time.

What I dislike:

Juice Issues- You can’t use certain juices. Well, you could but you run the risk of cracking the plastic. So far that’s really Vivi’s only downfall to me. Cinnamon, citrus like pineapple, orange, tangerine, lemon-lime are no-nos in a Vivi right now unless they decide to roll out a glass and stainless steel version which many Nova fans are hoping for soon.


Maintenance- Another great thing about these tanks is the atomizers can really last if you take care of them. Maybe once a week, depending how heavy you vape it wouldn’t hurt to do a dry burn. Once you see red in the atty, no more vapor, and/or both stop! Dry burning too aggressively can kill atomizers. Don’t push the limits, just clean it and the atomizer should be good to you. I tend to count to 3 and stop, and do that about 10-15 times or until i see red then stop. Rotation of Ohm heads is not a bad idea either. Don’t know what dry burning is? Check this link out to another blog, which leads to a video that is very informational about this very process. Scroll to bottom for link: http://vapevixen.tumblr.com/post/25578737511

Note on dry burn video: When I rinse my atomizer heads I try not to get water into the center, simply on the sides of the threads. If you get juice, water into the center just be sure to blow it out. You do not have to overly rinse the Nova atomizer head with water.

Known Nova Problems:

In general, if you get a genuine Nova you’re in the clear and good to go. Sometimes if things aren’t quite as tight as they should be you may get leaking. I have not had this issue at all as of yet. Since Vivi Vision Nova Tanks are so popular there are fakes on the market.  Here is the link to the list of authorized resellers of genuine Vivi Nova Tanks: http://www.visionecigar.com/n1714786/official+Distributors+in+USA.htm

I bought my tank here: http://www.ecigexpress.com/specialty-cartomizers-c-90/vivi-nova-vision-3-5ml-clearomizer-tank-system-p-1548

It’s working great and as far as I can tell, a genuine solid device. I love this tank. I think it absolutely rocks. 5/5 stars from me!     


What do you want to learn more about?

 What a long strange void it’s been. You’d think losing your income would magically make one even more vehement on blogging. Getting that frustration out. I couldn’t help that such frustration has been completely engulfed by looking for a job! Almost every thought… okay, maybe 8/10 has been “Money, money, job, work, money, school? hahaha need money first, job, money, job” I think you get the point.

  Since most people probably don’t exactly love my long winded nature well here’s the point I’m getting to. What do you desire to be more informed about? Let me know! I’ve covered much of the basics but not everything. I’m sure there’s a niche, question, curiosity out there. Let me explore that and give it to you on an easy to understand platter. Don’t lose hope on me and my electronic cigarette blog just yet. More topics coming your way just not exactly on a schedule you’ll always know when to expect. I’m spontaneous like that. Peace, love and good luck on your quitting journey. No matter how you quit. No matter if ignorant people say this isn’t really quitting. The fact I can run now…. kind of says it is. Most doctors agree, they don’t care how the hell you manage to pull it off as long as you stop smoking!

Cleaning Cleromizers!

I’ve recently fallen head over heels for cleromizers. I consider them a cross breed between a tank and a cartomizer.Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? Here’s a picture of me using a freshly cleaned one right now!

Don’t mind the bikini top, I’m about to go and do laps at the pool in a bit. However I found a kick-ass video I wanted to share with you and just can’t stop myself! Besides it’s been forever and a half since I posted something new. It’s about damn time isn’t it! As you can see above that is a cleromizer. Mine is a CE2 that I bought from Good Prophets. Strictly 18+ only to buy. Only 3.0-3.0 left so best for the higher voltage vaping devices. I hope they re-stock. However many people are saying CE3 and CE4( I’m still not positive if those exist or not? I’ll google it later) are even better because they’ve made them almost crack resistant.

If you happen to like cleromizers too it’s great to know how to clean them. Surprisingly this dry method works. The trick is DO NOT DRY BURN FOR MORE THAN A COUNT TO 5. I’ve tried to dry burn atomizers to no avail. I think the problem was burning them too long. Just follow the instructions and your clero should be awesome as new! While my cleromizer as you see above is not the same exact kind in the video it did work for me. Hopefully this can help you out too! I’m just do damn jubilant that my clero tastes so fresh and so clean clean!

How to clean cleromizers below::


A little over 6 months in: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

Short Answer : For the most part, yes.

    To put this in perspective, I’ve been on a very broke budget for a while.  Even while broke I was averaging 20 cigarettes a day. I had money to get into vaping simply default of smoking.  At least at the present tense. If you are an American vaper I suggest you keep an eye on CASAA. Some states are assuming without any non-bias research vaping is as bad as smoking. Long story short CASAA is your consumer protective association to join.  They notify vapers state by state of incoming legislature typically constructed of ignorance trying to treat vaping just like smoking. The big problem is it’s not smoke but that’s another blog really. 

    Being smart about your back-ups (Murphy’s Law Blog)  keeps you from spending extra money. Little things like shipping and handling sometimes. Maybe you just bought juice so now to replace let’s say a battery you have to pay double S&H. It’s a good rule of thumb while you try to build up the back up stash whenever you buy juice if you’re low on cartomizers, atomizers buy a pack of cartos or the extra atty.

   After some time if you love vaping, it’s essentially just buy what you feel like. Your 3.7 eGo, Riva, might be starting to bore you after 4 months. There’s plenty of options you can probably afford anyways with all the money you’ve saved. 5 volt mods, LT, wooden box mods if you feel like dropping a huge chunk of change you can consider a Provari.

   As for myself I wanted to see what was so alluring about variable volt. If you are apart of a vaping forum(see ECF in the upper left hand corner) people often rave about it. Instead of going the expensive Provari route I can’t really justify or afford anyways I got a VV box mod. It’s been great so far. So much better than the eGo I used before. There is also the Lavatube out there. Some call it the poor man’s provari. I haven’t tried it personally but have heard good things about it.

   Really at the end of the day, at this point I’m saving tons of money. I buy stuff when I want to really. I have my back-up stash of cartomizers, I DIY my own juice so I don’t worry about having to buy vendor juice. This is the golden age of vaping. Let’s keep it this way. Protect the right to vape. Wait until you are 18 to vape. Stay informed though CASAA to be aware of damaging legislature that may be coming your way.